Introduction to University

Founded in 1929, Chongqing University (CQU) is a national key comprehensive university under the direct leadership of Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE).


Located in Chongqing Municipality, an economic and industrial center in southwestern China and on the upper reach of Yangtze River, CQU has 4 campuses, covering a total area of 350 hectares, making a wonderful place for learning and research with beautiful environment and well-equipped facilities. Currently CQU consists of six faculties in science, social sciences, humanities, engineering, built environment, information technology, offering 96 undergraduate programs, 115 master’s programs, 42 doctoral programs, 19 professional degree programs. Apart from regular degree programs, CQU also offers 17 master and doctoral programs fully delivered in English, including 4 national English-taught brand courses approved by MoE.


At present, the university hosts 47,000 students, including 25,000 undergraduates, 19,000 graduates, and over 1,800 international students. The university has a total of 5,300 faculty and staff members, among whom over 2000 are professors or associate professors.


Chongqing University is the host institution for Chinese Government Scholarship international students, also one of the first cohort of demonstration universities for quality education of international students in China, which has passed the quality accreditation of international student education in China organized by MoE.


Year of Establishment : 1929
Current President/Principal : Dr. Zhang, Zongyi
Number of Students : 50,000 students, including 27,000 undergraduates, 21,000 graduates, and over 1600 international students from 129 countries.
Number of Teaching Resources : 5,300 faculty and staff members, among whom 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 10 members of the Subject Appraisal Team of the Degree Committee under the State Council, 4 chief scientists of the National 973 Project, 5 state-level middle-aged or young experts with distinguished contributions to their fields, and over 600 doctorate supervisors, 1,900 professors and associate professors.
Facilities : Chongqing University has established 3 national teaching bases for fundamental courses and a national quality education base for college students, 11 national key labs and 8 ministerial key labs, 180 provincial key labs of different specialties. Moreover, Chongqing University has constructed the distance education center, multi-media classrooms of large scale and interactive audio-visual classrooms, labs or training centers in cooperation with world-famous enterprises such as Siemens, Microsoft, IBM, Rockwell, Omron, etc. The university has a national key publishing house, a national first-class architectural designing institute, and a first-class institute for planning and design. The university library is well equipped with modern facilities of large scale, with a collection of 3.90 million volumes, 6000 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, and 2.0 million volumes of E-books. In addition to 5 electronic reading rooms with 65000 kinds of e-books and journals, the China Education Research Network (CERNET) Chongqing Central Node is set up in the library.
Student Welfare : Equal right to access the facilities as Chinese students.


Chongqing University is one of the top 1% Chinese universities within the framework of the State 211 Project and 985 Project, and a member of the “Excellence League”. Chongqing University is a Chinese Ministry of Education Class A Double First Class University, and also a key national university of China. The scientific researches of Chongqing University encompass the entire range of natural science and humanities & social sciences, including science, engineering, economics, management, law, literature, history, philosophy, education, medicine and arts. In recent years, Chongqing university has undertaken over 100 national key scientific projects of different types, and won 13 National Awards for Invention, 40 Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement, 4 Awards for Natural Science, 968 ministerial and provincial awards, 283 Awards for Teaching Achievement.



  1. A national key comprehensive university with full support in construction and development from the central government and Chongqing Municipal Government
  2. One of the State “211” Project and “985” Project universities
  3. One of the “Double-first Class” Project universities
  4. A wide range of programs offered in disciplines in Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Management, Engineering, Built Environment, Information Science and Technology
  5. Extensive cooperation with 155 institutions of higher education in over 20 countries and regions
  1. Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.
  2. In good physical and mental health, be over 18 years old and under 30 years old at the time of admission.
  3. High school graduates or above, meeting the academic requirements of the applied major.
  4. Chinese language proficiency: HSK 4 (with score over 180) or equivalent  


For more information, please refer to http://study.cqu.edu.cn/HOME/ADMISSION/Degree_Programs/Undergraduate_Programs.htm


To cover the fees for your study and other living expenses in Chongqing, you need to prepare the following fees:



undergraduate program 14,000 to 20,000 RMB per year

Master program 21,000 to 35,000 RMB per year (Master of International Business: 49,000RMB per year)

Ph.D. program 25,000 to 28,000 RMB per year 

B. Accommodation: 4,500 to 5,000 RMB per semester for single room, 2,500 to 2,750 RMB per semester for a bed in double room 

C. Physical Examination: around 400 RMB (subject to any change by physical checkup center).

D. Visa or Residence Permit: around 400 RMB per year (subject to any change by Chongqing Immigration Office).

E. Food: approximately 1,000 RMB per month

F. Transportation: around 300 RMB per mont

G. Mobile Phone Service: around 50 RMB per month

H. Internet: 50 RMB per month.


Make sure that your budget covers all these items.


For more information, please refer to http://study.cqu.edu.cn/HOME/ORIENTATION/Before_Going_to_China/Visa_Application.htm 


Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program at Chongqing University

Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program at Chongqing University

Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

Chongqing University President Scholarship


For more information, please refer to http://study.cqu.edu.cn/HOME/ADMISSION/Scholarships/Chinese_Government_Scholarships.htm 


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