Introduction to University

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) provides world-class education and research platform for all motivated young people. Located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, NPU is a multidisciplinary and research-oriented university with 82 years of glorious history. As one of the leading research institutes of P.R. China, NPU offers wide range of high-quality disciplines and spares no effort to help students get the best overall development. With NPU's recur¬rent progress in global rankings, vast faculty consisting of highly sought professors and Alumnus in over 100 countries; NPU is on the path to become a globally leading research-oriented university of future.

We are committed to provide innovative education to train broad-minded and responsible professional elites. As an NPUer, you'll be part of a dynamic community composed of outstanding peers and top-class faculty. You will be constantly inspired by this community and enjoy a challenging and rewarding college life. I would like to welcome you all to NPU. By choosing to study with us, you will give yourself a solid foundation for a brilliant future.


Year of Establishment : 1938
Current President/Principal : Jinsong WANG
Number of Students : 31000+
Number of Teaching Resources : There are more than 4000 teaching staff, including 34 academicians (including external employment) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, 44 Changjiang Scholars, 20 winners of the national outstanding youth fund, and 4 winners of the national famous teacher award. At present, there are 2 innovative research groups of NSFC, 7 national teaching teams and 7 innovation teams of the Ministry of education.
Facilities : 8 National Labs
Student Welfare : Abundant Scholarships


In the history of People’s Republic of China, the first mini-UAV, the first ground-effect aircraft, the first 50kg class underwater unmanned intelligent vehicle and the first airborne computer were born in our university. There are 8 national key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers, 4 national international science and technology cooperation bases, 1 national defense science and technology innovation center, 5 national local joint innovation platforms, and 122 provincial and ministerial level scientific research platforms. The university has mainly participated in the demonstration and scientific research of 10 major special projects such as the large aircraft, manned spaceflight and lunar exploration, and deeply participated in the special demonstration of the two types of aircraft and the development of Shenzhou series spaceships. It is one of the two universities that contributed to China's first manned space flight". The pioneers of NPU put the development of UAV forward in China, realizing the export of China's first total set of UAV system and UAV production line. Besides, it has the only National Key Laboratory of UAV special technology and National Engineering Center of UAV system in China. At present, it is preparing to build China's first professional UAV test center with independent and unlimited local airspace, and push the comprehensive promotion of research and industrial development of UAV. In the 60th anniversary of the National Day parade, all of the three models and 10 airplanes of the UAV squadron were developed and produced by our school. In the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberty Army, the UAVs independently developed and produced by our school were included in the military parade for the second time to accept the party and the people's inspection. In the 70th anniversary of the National Day parade, the school UAVs were inspected again across Tiananmen Square. Since the 13th five-year plan, the university has won 15 national main awards and 41 provincial and ministerial first-class prizes. The total amount of research funds has exceeded 12 billion yuan, ranking the top among universities in China.

It has four national experimental teaching demonstration centers, two national virtual simulation experimental teaching centers and three national talent training mode innovation experimental areas. It is the only initiator and general coordinator of the European Union QB50 Project in Asia, and has built the largest satellite testing & control ground station in Asia. In the election of the national teaching achievement award, which is elected once every four years and represents the highest honor of national education and teaching, the school has won many excellent achievements. In 2014, it won 2 first-class prizes and 4 second-class prizes of national teaching achievements. In 2018, as the first completion unit, it won 2 first-class prizes and 4 second-class prizes, and as a participating completion unit, it won 1 first-class prize and 1 second-class prize. The university has promoted innovation and entrepreneurship education, won the first batch of national demonstration universities for deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and the university with typical experience in deepening the reform of national innovation and entrepreneurship education, and Feitian creative-maker space has been selected as the national specialized creative-maker space. A large number of outstanding students stand on the podium of many important competitions at home and abroad on behalf of the school. Since the 13th five-year plan, our students have won more than 2000 awards in many competitions at home and abroad. In 2016, the small satellite was hovering to win the second China's "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition. In 2018, "youth creation" National Undergraduate entrepreneurship competition won one gold award, two silver awards, three bronze awards, one gold award in the MBA special competition (the only university in Western China won this award), and won the "school level excellent organization award" in the competition. In 2019, it won the "Challenge-Cup" National College Students' extracurricular academic and technological works competition, won one special prize and one special first prize (all of which are the only universities in Shaanxi Province to win this award), one national special prize in the National College Students' engineering training comprehensive ability competition, 25 first-class international prizes of College Students' mathematical modeling competition, and 16 international first-class awards of the simulated United Nations General Assembly. At the same time, in China robot competition, national college students intelligent car competition, national ocean vehicle design and production competition, scientific research national aerospace model championship, international university student ICAN innovation and entrepreneurship competition China finals, etc., the University all ranked first.


Features :

Multidisciplinary, research-oriented  University. Multi—disciplinary is manifested in the coordinated development of the discipline system with the aviation, aerospace, navigation discipline groups as the leader, 3M (material, mechanical and electrical, mechanical) discipline group, 3C (computer, communication, control) discipline group, science discipline group and humanities and social science discipline group.


1. Academic : UEC 5 subjects/22( including Chinese/English/Math and other 2 related subjects) or STPM 3B or 70% for 3-year high school transcripts.

2. Language: 

1)English Medium




PTE≥ 55



2)Chinese Medium




Malaysian Chinese or students who are from Malaysia  Chinese Independent School  can be waived of HSK, others need to submit hsk4(200 or above) and  hskk., 


Xi'an, a city that holds the origin of Chinese nation and oriental civilization; is among the biggest cities in Northwest China with refreshing & mountainous country side and high-life of metro city. A hospitable multicultural place offers diversity of culture, religion and appetite. With its substantial industrial system, mature urban growth and scenic tourism based on tradition, science and technological strength, Xi'an has become a key research, education  technology, industrial and tourism base of China.

Xi'an experiences year round pleasant weather ranging from a blooming spring, a bright summer, a crisp autumn to a shivery winter with moderate rainfalls and occasional snowfall. With its massive shopping centers, delicious food streets, spacious parks, historical monuments and colossal mountain ranges; the exquisiteness of Xi'an will mesmerize you to build memories of a lifetime.





Application Procedure

Chinese Government

Scholarship - Bilateral



Full Scholarship




Living Allowance

The scholarship is offered by China Scholarship Council (CSC) through embassy of parent country. Please refer to CSC website for more information: http://studyinchi no. csc.edu. cn/U/login

NPU President





1500 CNY / Month (Living allowance)



Full Scholarship


Apply on NPU Admission Portal:




50% Tuition

http://admission, nwpu. edu.cn/






Xi'an Belt and Road


Stipend based

15000 CNY/year



Programs Offered

English Medium

Chinese Medium

School of Aeronautics

Aerospace Engineering



School of Astronautics

Aerospace Engineering

School of Marine Science and Technology

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


School of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering

Machine Design Manufacture and Automation


School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture

Civil Engineering


School of Electronics and Information

Electronic Science and Technology



Electronics and Information Engineering


Communication Engineering



Electromagnetic Field and Wireless Technology


School of Automation

Electrical Engineering and Automation


School of Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology






Artificial Intelligence


School of Management

Business Administration





School of Life Sciences


School of Foreign Studies

English Language



German Language


School of Physical Science and Technology

Applied Physics



Materials Physics



Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering


School of Humanities, Economics and Law

International Economics and Trade



Science of Law


School of Software

Software Engineering


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